In this age of social mobility, with many people moving away from where they originally grew up, has this caused the decline of neighbourhoods but it doesn’t have to. On Friday my neighbour introduced me to her ‘driver’ (it’s a long story) but introduced me as family. What a fantastic honour, a older generation jamaican classing me as family, and it got me thinking about community and is it important nowadays.

We know a lot of people in our street, and through local activist groups, a lot of people in the area; it’s made South Norwood a real home for us. I do believe if you have a connection with your area and generally care for then it generates respect etc… Ask what you can do for your area and nor what it can do for you type mentatlity. A home isn’t just bricks and mortar (thats a building) and a home isn’t about possessions (although short term leasing is making this more and more difficult) but it’s the canvas for your life. All the people around you add to it, the local shops add to it but if you don’t make the effort it will remain blank.

An area wealth shouldn’t just be judged on affluence but on the cohesive bonds that link it all together.