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Venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft has labelled Vince Cable as a socialist, in a rant against Mr Cable’s common sense approach in labelling the plan, which would enable small firm to easily sack individuals, as nonsense.

Adrian ‘Bastard’ Beecroft contnued his tirade by saying:

I think he is a socialist who found a home in the Lib Dems, so he’s one of the Left. I think people find it very odd that he’s in charge of business and yet appears to do very little to support business.

‘Bastard’ Beecroft also accused Nick Clegg of always

threatening to go nuclear and dissolve the whole thing if he doesn’t get his way with this, that and the other

I think we have all grasped now that the economy isn’t growing as people haven’t got any fucking money, and fear for their jobs. How is making job security even weaker going to assist grow the economy. Wait a minute it would mean that ‘Bastard’ Beecroft could make even more money……ah I get it now.

Vince Cable how dare you stop ‘Bastard’ Beecroft exploit the workforce.