Ian Bone

Cambridge rowers ask the queen to kill or remove  Mr.Asbo – instead her majesty practices overnight rendition, moves the swan 60 miles away and clips its wings.

Cambridge Animal Rights organises action in support of the swan and against the Bumps on June 16th

Class war decides to organise separate march on  the 16th  –  WHO’S RIVER -OUR RIVER.  Now listen:   We contact the police to get permission for the route  and the march.This is given so we have a perfectly legal march and agreed route.

Cambridge Rowers forum contains threats of violence to me – throw him in  the river, to other protestors – drown them – and threats  that t.he Varsity Hockey teams will come with hockey sticks, the rugby,bouncerswill be hired. So who is threatening violence? NOT ME.  No doubt the local constabulary willbe noting this.

Rowers urged to boycott local paper because of alleged favouritism to………a swan!!    Oh my…

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