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Blair is in front of Leveson today and has confirmed the importance of courting Mr Murdoch. Blair has classed the Sun and the Daily Mail as the most important papers, and confirmed that it was seen as priority to get the ‘Sun’ onboard. He continued to describe the relationship with the Sun in which it is obvious that Rebekah Brookes was the monkey with Murdoch as the organ grinder.

People have always mocked the suggestion that the Sun has had any influence over the results of the General election, however I believe that it has more influence that people give it credit for. People don’t like the idea that a newspaper, especially one like the Sun, influences their opinion, but if you look at singular issue like asylum seekers, how many people have based there ignorant view on information reported in the Sun – immigrant gets million pound mansion with swimming pool and lives of the taxpayer – wait thats the Queen – but you get my point.

Does the Sun reflect public opinion or does public opinion reflect the Sun – I’m sure Murdoch makes his own decisions and isn’t swayed by any opinion.