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Apparently the embankment is already six deep with people and it’s only 10:30. The weather isn’t smiling on the Queen and neither are thousands of other people, but I’m sure that the weather will get more of a mention that any protests today.

All bridges have been closed over the Thames to stop anyone going about their everyday business. Cameron has spent the last two weeks lecturing Europe on the need for austerity, spending isn’t the way out of recession, but as Europe switch on the tele today they will see just how to waste money. Fuck me it’s not like the royals can’t afford to pay for it themselves. Anyone who is a member of Republic should at least get two months wages untaxed as a result of this.

Sometime in history two anniversary’s coincide that may create another unique point of history. 100 years ago the Titanic sank – need I say more.

Yes I do – to the woman who poured scorn on my daughter for making a crown that said stuff the jubilee – it’s a shame that you don’t believe in free will, I feel sorry for your children!