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Does the emergance of the internet, facebook, twitter, blogging etc have a direct correlation to the deminishing interests in demonstrations or direct action. It is fantastic that it has become so easy for people to air their views or philosophy but what is the point if you never leave the house, and actively back up your point of view on the streets.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me

This is what we were always told growing up; radical writing is essential to get people politicised; open their eyes to the reality of what is happening out there, shedding the scales from their eyes so to speak; the skill in analysing a piece of information to see what it doesn’t say and how that may effects you, but the revolution will not be televised if noone turned up.

Apathy is the common enemy no matter what your politics, but if you have children it becomes even more important to stand up and be counted. How will the youth of today learn about fighting for a just and fair way of life if their parents can’t be bothered?

The age old question arises between the brick or the ballot box, but often important issues don’t make it to the ballot box if there is no brick!