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then two days later they show their true colours again. Today’s Mirror reports scenes at the £215 ticket ball, despite all of them claiming they are working class and deserve to be there because they work jolly hard ……

One of Britain’s brightest brains lies crashed out in a drunken stupor on the pavement. Another grins inanely as he flashes his massively privileged – but tiny – credentials in the street. These were some of the unedifying scenes as students at Cambridge University let their hair down.

Their boozy end-of-term Trinity May Ball (they don’t even seem to know what month it is) also saw undergraduates passing out in punts, abusing passers-by and wrestling with ­security officials over a bottle of beer. They were still partying at dawn after some jumped fully clothed into the River Cam. Tickets for Monday’s do, attended by 2,000 young revellers, cost up to £215 – including food, drink, a performance by singer Pixie Lott and an hour-long fireworks display.

One onlooker said: “It was shocking. These people are destined to be the future leaders of our country, but their behaviour was absolutely atrocious. “One even flashed his bits and pieces – what must their parents think?”

But one unrepentant student said: “It was a brilliant night. Lots of champagne and we all really enjoyed ourselves. “It’s just a great bit of fun.”

The Cambridge Tab classed us all as ‘middle aged’ but if this is what it is to be young you can fucking keep it.