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Tax avoidance is simply another outlet for selfish greed; no social conciousness or responsibility for those less fortunate than those around you. Thatcher’s policies broke down the collective society and encouraged the entrepreneur; as Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko pronounced- ‘Greed is Good’.

Well it is if you are happy to live in a society where allowing tax avoidance schemes to exist whilst we watch the destruction of the NHS. Jimmy Carr isn’t the problem, he is just a product of an elitist priviledged system that favours Etonian Oxbridge scholars over the backbone of society.

We live in a country where the size of you personnel fortune is more important than your child being taught the meaning of responsibility and integrity.

It’s good that Gary Barlow has an OBE as it highlights how bollocks the whole honours system is, next they will give one to Gary Glitter for his services to……………er….music!