Frankie Boyle claims that he has paid nearly 40% of his income tax since 2007, but the Daily Mail claim he owes another £1 million had he not used ‘legal’ accounting methods on all the merchandise sales.

40% tax is a lot but that rate is applied when you earn about £45k, why should someone who is earning millions pay the same rate as that of someone who earns £45k. There should be a sliding scale with tax, and if 40% is deemed acceptable for someone who earns 45k what is a fair rate for someone who earns 30 or 40 times that.

How much money do you need to have a maintain an good lifestyle, I am not opposed to earning money but how much do you need before everything just becomes numbers on a piece of paper.

On a nicer note it has been reported that Jason Orange is the only one of Take That who didn’t take part in the ‘Great Tax Avoidance Swindle’. Apparently he banks at the local Coop because they are the most ethical of the majority of financial institutions.