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As the Rowntree report states that a family of four need to earn at least £36,800 to cope as income required for ‘decent life’ rises by £10,000 in just four years. Just what is regarded as a decent life – being able to keep warm, feed and clothe your family or should we include holidays, computers, mobiles etc. I am not judging just asking!

What a society we have become where we can let those who are out of work struggle to eat (see foodbank articles) whilst a discussion goes on that mobiles and computers are now essentials – essential to who – and if they are then those without should be able to apply for grants to have one, council flats should have them installed as well as the cooker and all of the basic essentials.

Society has lost sight of what is important – people; children and youth growing up, the elderly who have paid their dues to society, your neighbours. The govt throw phoney events at us to attempt to create social cohesion e.g. Royal Wedding but all this does is highlight the inequality in this country

The bankers have shown the top end of greed due to the desire created by consumerism, but how many of our decisions are guiding by greed or perception rather than fairness! All this report has down is given a mandate to those who are better off than many people to moan that they are hard done to.