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 Further to my post a few months ago about G4S staff being incompetent (see here), it is becomming apparent that anybody who has been employed by G4S for the Olympics has either had no training or not turning up. Candidates have been talking openly on the radio saying that G4S is such an incompetent Company that they had given up waiting due to lack of communication, but it is felt that people like this have been included in G4S numbers.

Only 20 members of its security staff from 300 originally contracted have turned up for various Olympic duties in Surrey, with the police having to fill in. If I were the Police Commissioner or in charge of the armed forces I would tell the Govt to fuck off as budgets have been cut, therefore so should the service they offer.

Perhaps the Olympic Commitee should create a new event called ‘SECURING THE OLYMPICS’ with each country putting in a team.