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As Immigration workers at Heathrow airport prepare to strike the day before the Olympic ceremony, you will hear lots of propaganda how Union bosses are rich fat cats bent on disrupting the country and won’t lose a penny of their money; how the ballot only really represents a small minority of union members; Toby Young in the Sun today saying all workers should be sacked if they strike and disgrace out country.

I say:

  • Union bosses do work tirelessly to stop exploitative capitalists screwing the working classes – a fair wage for the shit that they probably have to go through, often fighting actual Government policy – it is not a easy or a simple 9 to 5 job.
  • If a majority of the union didn’t vote, that’s their problem – the Tories aren’t stepping down because only 20% of the country actually voted for them
  • As far as sacking workers goes – just like Reagan did – Reagan was one of the most right wing politicians the world has known and may have taken the world to a nuclear war with Russia. I do hope that Toby Young finds himself in a job where he is screwed mercilessly by his employers and then is sacked when he tries to stand up for his rights.

It’s easy to piss on people when you live in an ivory tower!