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The Olympics is definately giving more headlines than just the sports – just how did Ye Shiwen swim so fast – as there was noone there to watch her. Corporate greed has left the Olympic committee with red faces, as thousands wanted seats but couldn’t get tickets certain corporations couldn’t be bothered filling the seats they had. Fill them with the army one critic said but is sort of defeats the purpose – let the seats stay empty and show the world how wasteful and greedy national corporations are.

Is Ye Shiwen a cheat, I don’t know and don’t really care – unless the chinese have managed to install jet propulsion into her feet that would be remarkable – people are only pissed off because she is faster than the fastest Amercan male – Fucking great a 16 year old who can beat america’s best – I applaud you.

And as the Archery went on G4S didn’t show any bitterness to the army bailing them out as one soldier was called ‘baby killer’ by a G4S steward at the same event.

The opening ceremony may have been fantastic but the rest………….