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If anyone has been to Totnes you know that it’s a lovely area full of small shops and cafe’s, with lots of homemade produce available, but know Costa have threatened to upset the balance by proposing to open up a shop.

You can take two point of views really – freemarket, capitalism, choice, prohibiting competitors to keep prices artificially high (I’m sure Costa will be mentioning all of these words


The entrance of Costa will mean that Totnes has sold it soul and will need to prepare for the bastardisation of their lovely little town. Once one is there then other corporate leeches will not be far behind – big mac with a starbucks to go.

We thought of moving to Totnes once because the lifestyle looks so pleasant and the ethics of the place are a million miles away from the faceless corporations that takeover most towns. I am sure Tourism is a major factor in the economy of Totnes, and Totnes should not let Costa piss in their coffee pot.

On a personal note I fucking hate Costa as they no longer do a pot of simple filter coffee (I only drink mine black) and an Americano is not the same no matter what the fucking Costa whores say!  

In support of Totnes – COSTA COFFEE FUCK OFF