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As the leading MP’s jet off to whatever luxurious location, news breaks that if the recession continues, a lot more businesses are looking to downsize; a maths campaign group raising concern about the proposed changes to maths curriculum, suggesting it’s unworkable.   

Whether it’s the immediate future of employment, or the future potential learning and employment of our youth the Govt are not addressing the issues at hand. It’s the problem of having priviledged people run the country, if they are crap at their job they can rely on there trust fund / inheritance to support themselves.

Parliament should be in session now not fucking off on holiday. They should be investigating how much the Olympics cost us and the implications this has, as we all know the revenue raised by the Olympics is not the same as that which was predicted – telling us how the shortfall going to be accounted for. Being an MP shouldn’t be a job it should be a way of life – continually striving for the good of your constituency.

As people get their redundancy and begin the depressing process of signing on, they can rest assured that our country can run, cycle, row etc better than we thought they good.