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In a typical fashion the Government are not addressing the root of the issue but yet again legislating in a knee jerk reaction. So they think jailing squatters is going to solve a problem, but what problem –

Private residential homes are being squatted to the annoyance of the owners? whilst I agree that I wouldn’t like to turn up to my house one day and have a bunch of people moved in but this is just fear that is bounded about by the right wing press. Most squats are in house that would remain vacant or have done for a considerable time. A lot of people own second properties but do not want to lease them for fear of damage. Greed is the issue not squatting.

Squatters cause mess and destroy properties? Most squatters I have met have complete respect for the property and treat it as their home, and is the only way they can get a home. In many cases squatters can stop a place falling into ruin and keep vandals away.

Squatting has always been an option especially when our so called civillised society lets people down. Generally people agree that noone should starve within this country, but when it come to people having a roof above their head they appear to have very perverse views. Owning property should not been seen as status, and having a roof above your head should be seen as a priority.

This law may stop middle class twats pretending they are cool, squatting with their trust fund intact, but what about those who have no support. We lecture the world on human rights but now are willing to lock up vulnerable people in favour of the rights of people with money.

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