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When I mentione to my wife that I feel like I have sold my soul in order to work in the world I do, she pointed me out to this website showing that I might not have actually sold it – I didn’t get any fucking money for it anyway – but actually lost it along the way.

How fucking careless.

So I ask the question, did Thatcher, Cameron et al set out to be evil or was their sould stolen or lost?

The end result is the same, they still are fucking heartless souless scum, but perhaps there is some other reason than nature or nurture.


When a piece of your soul leaves you and flees to the Otherworld without returning, you have suffered a soul loss. This is usually due to some form of trauma, whether physical or emotional. Soul Loss is a protection mechanism which serves to protect us from unbearable suffering. In the normal course of events the soul piece should return automatically after a few hours or a day or two — but unfortunately often it does not. In those cases the soul piece has become permanently lost in the Otherworld and is either unable or unwilling to return. A skilled shaman can retrieve the lost soul piece and restore wholeness to the dis-spirited person. The shamanic healing technique of finding and restoring a lost soul piece is commonly called soul retrieval.