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Now the business of running in circles and throwing things very far has finished we can all refocus on getting out of the economic depression the world finds itself in, with Britain failing to make any headway. Whilst all the ministers are applauded the wonderful games, they are also looking at what services can be dismantled, privatised or simply blown up in order to reduce our deficit, and yet again there is no talk of growth.

Speakers at the TUC conference so far are united in supporting all strike action and civil disobedience in order to shake the blinkers from the Governments eyes – don’t play the game by their rules. The fact that the TUC has taken such a confrontational manner is commendable in itself but to also condone and promote subversive actions is fantastic.

Another ‘Winter of discontent’ will do more harm then good some may say, but what option do you have when they are happy to kick you when you are down. A General Strike is the only way to make them listen – cripple all the public services to reinforce how much in life people take for granted.

Close the schools – upmost disruption as people can’t get to work – but support your school if they strike and don’t moan about the inconvenience. Parents should let the teachers know that they support any strike action they may undertake.

Cameron stated ‘we are all in it together’ well we are – united against Tory Scum. 

To end with the immotal quote from Bob Crow:

If you spit on your own, you can’t do anything.

But if you all spit together, you can drown the bastards.