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Suprise Suprise there was a big police ‘cover up’ to defend their actions when the tragedy happened – now those involved should be taken to task. No inquiry, no judicial review (probably all appointed by Thatcher anyway) but a civil trial where those resposible cannot hide behind their uniform.

Jack Straw has blamed

The Thatcher government, because they needed the police to be a partisan force, particularly for the miners strike and other industrial troubles, created a culture of impunity in the police service. They really were immune from outside influences and they thought they could rule the roost and that is what we absolutely saw in south Yorkshire.

Even though Labour did fuck all about it when they were in power.

Under Thatcher the working class were the enemy and that included most of the north of England. If a bunch of city bankers had been crushed at a farmer’s market heads would roll!

Justice for the 96.