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Barry Fantoni, pop artist, saxophonist, cartoonist, has created a new art form with a specific format to encourage spontaneity. Measure the longest side of your canvas or paper and thats how many minutes you have to complete your work.

Depechism is a radical art form. It is a revolt against the bourgeois art created by the media and powerful galleries. It is a revolt against Conceptualism and Installationalism.

Depechism opposes Saatchism and  Serotaism, who it condemns as Art Nazis who f manipulate public taste for personal gain. The art they force on the public is like all state art. It is as empty as it is pompous. The unmade bed of Tracey Emin and the shark of Damien Hirst have no more merit than the drab works of the 19th-century French Salon or the decorated stadiums of Soviet Russia.

Genius in its simplicity.