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What the fuck was behing Mr Clegg’s apology? As the country continues to decline and everyone has come to terms with the fact that the Liberals are just puppets, Mr Clegg decides to rub salt in the wounds of the party as he appears to be trying to kill the party’s credibility permanently.


Yes Nick, we all knew you lied, the only saving grace was that perhaps, in some idiotic way, you believed that it could be true. Now you have smply reminded people that not only did you lie but you knew you were lying – the worst of it is it wasn’t even a good lie. You may have got into power if you said no taxation for a year but an increased public service but it appears that the Liberals aren’t even good at lying.

Oh the innocence of the not really knowing what they were doing; the bully boys of Etonian Oxbridge gang saw you coming.

I don’t really know what is worse, the actual lies or the people that voted for them.