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As Felix Baumgartner prepares for his attempt to the sound barrier free falling, I started thinking about the terminal velocity of a human which is about approx 130 mph (depending on type of dive) but Felix will be reaching speeds over 690mph as he statrts in a near vacuum.

This then led me to thinking about Boris Johnson, he of the mop and Cameron of the broom, but has he reached his maximum speed yet and will it be enough to break into the leadership of the Tory Party and maybe PM. Boris is funny, Boris makes me laugh but not through his mirth and wit but more of his bumbling nature and incompetancy.

The London Mayor was a no contest, Ken now makes most people grimace – I would be interested to know if this was at the same point he got rid of his facial hair – and Boris makes people smile. Will this transcend into his own party votes?

At least we will have a smile on our face if Boris ever gets the chance to continue fuck this country in 2015.