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Inflation has been recorded at 2.2% for September – so what I hear you all say. Most don’t realise that pension increases, benefit increases even public sector salary increases will be based on this figure, when reveiwed in April next year. However we will be luck if inflation stays below 5% in April 2013:

  • energy prices increasing
  • food bills increasing due to poor harvests
  • fuel prices beginning to increase again the real rate of increase

And now the Mail has just reported that Starbucks haven’t actually paid tax in the last three years. I am no economist but I’m pretty certain the idea of a stable economy is to bring in revenue through tax, and encourage people to spend money which in turn would give a rise in taxes, potentially create more jobs etc.

This Government just doesn’t give a fuck, so full support to Scotland, gain you independence and gain control of your oil fields – fuck this parliament.