Tomorrow is the TUC march, with thousands set to march through London, while the policy makers and sipping a nice chianti – and eating farther beans! – so will it make any difference?

My belief is that the so called democratic system is broken. The tories are so arrogant that they don’t even listens to experts advice on how economic change should be implemented. The public sector is a stone around there neck, dragging those with money down with it – what do you mean you don’t come from a wealthy family – they are simply not interested.

Occupy might target Starbucks to pay fair taxes – but why should they under a capitalist system – the aim of the game is to screw each other until there is only one with all the money in the world. My fear is the nature of the beast of those involved in Occupy are the exact demographic of people that have helped the rise of Starbucks, costa etc…I have never understood why people think that capitalist companies to be moral.

I am not dismissing anyone’s actions, everybody should do whatever little they can to destroy a system based on greed and immorality but first you have to have people’s attention!