Look at sentences the rioters got, most were not in context to what the individual had actually done. Look at Trenton Oldfield, six months for disrupting a fucking pompous tradition that only reinforces the idea of the superiority of privilege in this country.

Compare that to 12 months that Ronnie Barkers son just got for child pornography, what message is it that the courts are sending out – don’t challenge the establishment. In comparison six months for jumping in a river for making a political point is fucking ridiculous.

For those who think he got what he deserved and the whole ‘stunt’ was pointless, just look at Emily Pankhurst and what she achieved. I’m sure the King wasn’t happy that someone attempted to ruin the horse race but suffrage for women – I know what was more important.

Politics should not come into justice but it appears that it can at times; perhaps judges may perceive they are part of the establishment that is being challenged!