Why is it acceptable to lie when everybody knows what the truth is.

Chelsea bring allegations of racism in their tireless campaign to kick racism out – but kicking out John Terry would be to far. Cameron had very little contact with Rebekah.oh apart from all those emails, ‘clueless’ probably didn’t think they counted.

Everyone knew about Jimmy Saville, but who were they to bring allegations against such a powerful man. Yes I wouldn’t want to cross Charlie richardson or Frankie Fraser by Saville? Would Saville threaten their lives or simply their career progression! Lord McAlpine – fuck the threat of libel, the BBC should use the taxpayers money and fucking out him. There will be enough people to come out after that – what is he going to do close the whole corporation that is funded by the public.

Let the public decide – I personally would pay ‘auntie’ a little extra to help the fight in named all these fucking despicable people. Surely they can use internet ‘chatter’ as the means of a programme. My friend Ian has been threatened with a law suit for simply speculating on his blog what everybody already knows – money shouldn’t be able to suppress the truth. I am wondering if it’s actually McAlpine ‘they’ are protecting or people higher up – did Thatcher know or knows about others?