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After two and a half hours and music so loud your body literally moved, Swans were at their brilliant creative best. At the end I thought they had done eight songs, but it actually turns out to be seven. Yes seven songs in two and a half hours – this was Swans in full sonic scope ecstasy; the music was at a level that your body didn’t know what had hit it. No commercialism here, no self promotion – only three songs of new album, three new songs, and one from many years ago – this was just music for the live of music.

Michael ‘Justin Beiber’ Gira conducted the group through a journey of powerful aggressive yet the most beautiful gentle music that you felt in the pit of your stomach. If you are an aspiring musician your motto should be ‘When I grow up I want to be a Swan!”‘

Setlist: To Be Kind, Avatar, She Loves Us, Coward, The Seer, Nathalie, The Apostate

For a taster: