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We have all seen them, claiming their empty space in the declining high street, pawnbrokers, cheque cashing, payday loans and even log book loans (now referred to as fucking parasitic leeches), but their rise that there is really a issue in society. DON’T BE JUDGEMENTAL, the majority of people who use these services are because they have no where else to go, but can end up digging a bigger hole.

The Government allow big corpations to take advantages of corporation law, and pay minimal taxes but we cannot set anything up to help those in difficulty. Why can’t reputable financial services help without charging 2000% interest; life has to be more than profit for the few – if there is no quality for the majority then there is little point.

Comet, premier foods are just two recent companies that have had to let thousands of people facing unemployment, and will no doubt initially struggle for money. The fucking parasitic leeches will be rubbing their hands with glee at this news. These companies shouldn’t be regulated but closed down with a Government backed help scheme, funded by banking profit (or even MP’s expenses) for those in financial trouble. It isn’t a nanny state its ofefring genuine support (not just advice) for those in a difficult situation.

I live in South Norwood, and it is regretable that a fucking parasitic leech of a company sponsered a community event – Oh the irony. It is even more abhorrent that they spent £2k to raise £200 pounds for charity – what a fucking joke. 

Fucking parasitic leeches have no place in local communities.