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The one thing that pisses me off about by-elections is how political parties manipulate the electorate in order to progress an individuals career rather than specifically represent the needs of the constituency. If you don’t live in the area you are simply bound to all the consultants and advisers – who make a fuckin packet – in order to get a view.

Another thing I have is ‘trendy’, ‘down with the kids’ slogans; Labour are using Steve4Croydon. Fuck me is that the best that Milliband et al could think of………very original – and he’s based in Lambeth, a fucking joke.

South Norwood & Thorton Heath need a hands on MP, who is willing to fight for minorities rights, both locally and nationally. Since Croydon Council became Tory, South Norwood has been continually ignored and mistreated. It not only needs strong representation but someone who works for the area NOT the party.

What it doesn’t need is candidates that advocate for rapists and candidates that are homophobic.