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then our current democratic system can be compare to a Norweigan Blue!

Only 26% turned up to vote; is it apathy, is it cold or are people fed up with bollocks media hungry candidates who only want to further their own career? Should people be forced to vote, and if so can’t you reject all the candidates stating that you don’t want any of them to represent you?

Choice is only good if the options available are palatable. Politicians need to take a long hard look at the needs of modern society and how these are best served.

Oh yes, Labour won with 64% of the vote; approx 15,699 votes – what a fucking joke. It is the votes for those that lost are more telling:

  • 161 people voted for the Richard Edmonds, National Front, who, whilst in the BNP, admitted that they were 100% racist
  • 1,400 people voted for Winston McKenzie, who agrees that a gay couple adopting a child is equivalent to child abuse
  • 707 people voted for Lee Jasper, who stood for Galloway’s Respect party, who has refused to apologise for stating that rape sometimes is not rape just a misunderstanding. 

That’s 2,268 people in the North of Croydon who positively voted for people whose views do NOT have any place in a cohesive community.