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Allegedly there is a whole viral world that sits just beneath the world wide web, that is full of all the stuff that Theresa May wants to prevent, so why is the Snoopers Bill being introduced. As usual it will be used to target those ‘easy’ offences, that keep the statistics good but don’t solve any issues.

There are already provisions for people to be monitored if deemed necessary and required for a legal case, but official channels need to be followed, and above all valid suspicion is required. We all have a right to privacy and guilt is something that needs to proven, NOT individuals trying to prove they are innocent.

I’m not certain but using a VPN may solve the issue of your ISP keeping data on you but this costs money. The cynic in me may suggest that as the bill isn’t necessarily going to resolve anything except fringe on individuals liberties, perhaps Theresa May has shares in a VPN company.