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Today day is the Autumn Statement, and Mr Osborne gets a chance to screw everybody who isn’t rich or priviledged. The services that we all rely on will continue to be screwed. 

  • Cameron insists that they have kept their election promise with NHS spending going up – hoorah we say – a Government website has produced the figures showing that REAL spending has decreased: NHS real spending of £105,073m (09/10), £104,353m (10/11), £104,333m (11/12) – boo hiss we say.
  • Osborne has promised that there will be more spending on schools – hoorah we say – but only on Free schools or acadamies – boo hiss we say.

Soon we will all have to pay to have insurance for healthcare that will never pay up when you need it, and schools that won’t accept children if they have any different educational needs. We will end up with workhouses, dame schools and back alley doctors as many people will not be able to access what we now take as a right.

If people don’t fight back – anyway you know how – we are going to lose the whole welfare state, free education and healthcare, and the class divide will become even wider than it is now.

Class politics had begun to take a backseat as people became complacent with teh lies of the Blair / Brown governments but now it is alive and well. The Tories have breathed new life into a form of politics that had never really gone away.