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The projected figures are for ever changing, spending figures manipulated, growth described in minus figures – it’s not fucking growth then is it – does anybody know what the bloody fucking hell is going on? Maybe but I don’t think Osborne is one of them.

As usual Mr & Mrs average will be hit the hardest, with the wealthy only being taxed on their pension contributions above £40k ayear – fuck me I would like to earn that let alone put it into a pension.

I think Osborne must live in some paradoxical universe where his austerity plan says borrowing is bad but expects everybody else to borrow in order to get the economy going. That’s right George last at the bar as usual.

How can Osborne smile and look so smug when he hasn’t achieved anything but no real plans in place to alter things…..thats right it doesn’t matter because with a background like George you don’t have to work.

You couldn’t make it up.