Jacintha Saldanha tragically killed herself, whether it is was a direct result of the phone hoax or that just tipped her over the edge is yet to be ascertained, now one of the dJ’s involved in the hoax has been put on suicide watch. Is a prank call involving the royals worth killing yourself over – obviously it has added something to the mix. Oh how it was so funny that someone was fooled by an impersonation of the Queen – why do people like laughing at somebody else being made to look foolish.

What about the other nurse, I hope she is holding up ok as the news keep describing her as the nurse who actually gave out information – talk about turning up the pressure.

Why does the Royal family hold this strange power over people that everyone was made to feel that there had been a mass murder! God bless the royals as religion and the monarch are both stupid and hold a reverence over people which cannot be explained, and who is going to explain this to Jacintha’s children.