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We’re crucifying DJ’s, nailing them to a cross The poor old bastards bleed to death but we don’t give a toss

(adapted from the Tiger Lilies)

When we will people accept that humour based on humiliation could always lead to somebody taking their life. I have never liked Ali G for the same reason – apart from when Tony Benn made a fool of him!

I do believe with the public outcry and investigation, Mel Greig and Michael Christian’s may be suspected of hiding WMD’s (probably as much evidence as there was against Saddam) and war will be declared! The public will forget how Cameron and the tories are fucking up the country and will become the toast of the nation as he declares the war in honour of Jacintha Saldanha.

I hope that in all the accusations and defence that the prank did nothing illegal, somebody remembers that there are children who no longer have a mother to support them – what provision is being made for this?