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It’s a genuine question. One, I don’t understand how any business can be that ethical in  capitalistic free economy, unless they are non profit making,  a cooperative where all those involved in the company actually benefit and nobody or nothing was exploited in the process.

Then if a company actually meets all this criteria, is the price actually affordable in comparison to the giant corporations.

If not how can you be ethical if you are broke?

I’m sure Jamie ‘ Fucking’ Oliver can have his food hand reared by peruvian farmers, and then delivered to his house whilst he plant lots of trees to be carbon neutral and feel pretty fucking smug. But when Tesco offer two chickens for a fiver I know what the reality is.

So again I ask How do you actually ethically shop if your broke.

PLEASE NOTE Starbucks doesn’t come into the equation as nobody in their right mind pays £3 for a cup of foam, they pay £1 from a small coffee shop / cafe!

It is CLASS WAR in the supermarket!