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Health Secretary Jeremy ‘silent k’ Hunt has seized the opportunity to state he is “disgusted and appalled” at accounts of patient neglect at a hospital in Worcestershire. In the worst instance of mistreatment  a patient starved to death at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

Will Hunt look at how the NHS can be remodelled to ensure things like this are prevented – down with bureaucracy and autonomous silos – the NHS needs to be nationally run, no postcode lotteries, no more geographical funding issues; but I’m sure he will use this as an opportunity to justify why privatisation is needed. Thats right Jeremy with less poor people about, the less the Tories have to ‘bother’ about things like social responsibility.

Whilst the events at the hospital are disgusting, they are a result of the failings in part privatisation started by the Tories in the early 90’s and the ‘best value’ practices of Tony ‘I did it all for me’ Blair.