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So it is believed, quiet rightly, that the ban on hunting will never be repealed in the near future. My concern is that whilst hunting should be banned outright or perhaps foxes should be allowed to tear the hunters to shreds but alas I digress, my suspicions are that the hunters have arrived in the city.

It is a well known fact that foxes are now becoming more urban, probably fucked off with all the hunters and toffs in the countryside, but have you noticed the meteoric rise of 4×4’s. Yes it’s the rise of SECRET CITY HUNTING. No more dogs, no more horses, simply jump in your 4×4 and attempt to run over as many foxes as possible!

It’s a freemason thing, it’s a chipping norton set thing – pollute the city, murder innocent creatures then fuck off back home to the country to abuse the staff and eat stupid cheese made by Alex James.