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Yes most probably but not for the better probably a whole lot worse! Here’s some of my initial concerns –

Universal credit is to be introduced in a big shake up to the welfare system and for those receiving benefits they will be shaking in their boots as it’s destined to be a fuck up. This isn’t Tory bias (ha!) but what have the Government actually introduced that has worked and not fucked the working class and even the middle class. People are already struggling as energy prices increase and basic food becomes more expensive – yet you can buy a plasma screen TV for less and less – technology becomes cheaper, necessities for living become more expensive – what a strange paradoxical world we live in – benefits are not keeping in line with realistic living costs.

Fiscal Cliff – another reason why capitalism is wrong. For the western world to be intrisically tied with another country’s economy is stupid, especially when all they do is spend their money on guns and kill little kids. Bring back haggling – a doctor will cure you for three goats and a cup of tea etc.- you get my point.

Church of England’s refusal of woman priests and to sanction same sex marriages is simply condoning descrimination which people have fought hard to demolish. This simply ratifies social prejudice – look for more cases like that efucking bastard B&B owners.

Birth of another royal parasite, prepare for the media overload. If there was a god please make it/them a siamese twin – smile for the camera Evelyn – I promise will change my stance on the monarchy.

Wolves look likely to be relegated to league 1.

Oh yes lots to look forward to