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I have also been interested in Irish History, especially in its impact on other events throughout history. It is only when you realise the influence that the struggle in Ireland had that events today can be put into context; the Union jack in Belfast isn’t just about the flag.

I was surprised to read today that Lenin was actually influenced by James Connolly and his writings and eventually execution in the Easter Rising 1916. It reinforces that the whole world were aware of the Irish situation and what was perceived as Anglo oppression especially by the Anglo Bourgeoisie.

As the left has virtually imploded (the death of the SWP), and something new needs to come to the forefront. However, with a many headed beast, it takes a whore of babylon to control it and steer it in the right direction or it simply pulls itself apart.

Don’t dismiss Lenin with the likes of Trots and Stalinists – lets look to the Irish makeup!