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Cameron is being very devious in his wild gesture that a referendum will be held on European partnership but in 2017. Hmmm thats two years after the next election, does he really think he will be in power but with this sweeping statement he just might.

When any other party will challenge them on the fuck up that they are making this country, Cameron will say ‘Ah yes but we are holding a referendum on Europe’. The Daily Mail readers and farmers (they are not necessarily exclusive groups) will all squeal with delight – a chance to show those garlic eating frogs that we have the right to lots of things that Europe have prevented us from doing – NOTE no one will be able to give you an example and will be very indignant if you raise this.

It may also appease his own party, whom I feel would love to replace Cameron before the next election – all hail Boris!

Europe – Your choice will be the rallying cry of the Tories – fuck any other policy this is a vote winner. DO NOT BE FOOLED.