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Yes I’m referring to Capitalism. As Marcuse suggested there wouldn’t necessarily be a need for a revolution as capitalism will eventually destroy itself.

Take HMV, whilst I have solidarity for those losing there jobs (I have just lost mine), HMV got what it deserved. For years it helped destroy the independent record store; commercial music was cheaper but anything more obscure you had to wait six weeks and pay a fortune. What goes around comes around; Play then Amazon does it cheaper and better, and no doubt something will put these companies out of business eventually.

There can only be one – the nature of a free market means every company is trying to behead every other company until one survives. The desolate high street is the product of capitalism not simply the recession, and corporations will continue to devour weaker competition.

Eventually the local shop will remerge once again but as a cooperative run by the community to exorcise the demon that is Tesco express.