Fuck their manifesto’s, the supposed ‘controversial’ comments give you more of an insight to the politics of the candidate:

Tory hopeful Maria Hutchings provoked a backlash after suggesting her son would need private schooling to be a surgeon.

Meanwhile, Labour candidate John O’Farrell’s comments from a 1998 book – in which he said he was “disappointed” IRA bombers did not kill the then PM in the 1984 Brighton attack – have emerged.

Hmmm, which candidate would you prefer, Hutchings who obviously doesn’t care about our state education or O’Farrell who just applied hindsight to what happened after 1984.

Britain would have been a lot different without Thatcher, perhaps we may still have an economic industrial base that creates jobs, and would have seen us through this current climate. The seeds of hatred for Thatcher run deep and O’Farrell’s comments just highlight what a lot of people feel.