……….and it’s at the bottom of my road!

Whilst I dislike academies and free schools for fear that the state schools will simply become dumping grounds for any child that is perceived ‘difficult’, a change is going to come.

There have been proposals for the Arena previously but these have been successfully thrown out, so what will happen with the plans for this school. If building on the Arena is given the go ahead by Greater London Authority, then who knows what will be built there. I personally would rather have an educational institution than another commercial venture; whilst academies can be seen as a business, hopefully the by product is educated children, surely more worthy than another superstore fooling people with their horse products.

And what will happen with our beloved Ryelands Primary School? Hopefully it can use whatever decisions are made to it’s advantage. The school is a blessing in our community, and is slowly becoming one of the best schools in the area, through the pure determination of the staff and not by throwing money at it – )oh what it could do if someone were willing to do that!)

I don’t know where I stand but if the overall long term benefits, help bolster the local community, it can only be a good thing.