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Rumour has it that in order to show that we are all in it together, the Chancellor is going to put the red box on e-bay with all the money going to coffers. In a revolutionary budget speech the Chancellor is going to suggest that  other historic factors be put on e-bay; the wool sack, a few pieces of art from the Commons, the Liberal party etc, and will encourage all rich folk to do the same.

It is also rumoured that with the success of sponsorship be prepared to see Nelson’s Column sponsored by The Sun (that should keep the Murdoch’s happy), the Queen sponsored by Shelter etc – nothing will remain sacred.

And because all the necessary revenue to cancel out the debt will be covered, he will invest in industry, NHS, the benefit system and reverse the cuts.

But on the other hand the rumour mill is often false and we are all probably more fucked than we were before he makes his speech. If they were a God it would have sent all ten plagues until Osborne relented……….passover.

Martin Luther King had a dream as well!