Ignore the shit that is coming from the Daily Mail about leftist mobs etc, and hear the views from the people and communities who were affected by her .

The great miners’ strike for jobs was almost three decades ago, but in Yorkshire the bitterness remains. She has died, the anger has not.

Celebration: Ex-miner Graham Whitehurst
Celebration: Ex-miner Graham Whitehurst
Ben Lack Photography Ltd

There was only one place to be yesterday when Margaret Thatcher’s death was announced.

With the Yorkshire miners, whose jobs were sacrificed for her political immortality.

I went back to a place named South Elmsall, the village once dominated by Frickley Colliery, whose 1,800 miners endured a 12-month strike for jobs.

In the Brookside Social Club they played Barbra Streisand’s The Witch Is Dead time after time at ear-splitting volume.

They chorused, “Thatcher’s dead, Thatcher’s dead.”

In the Empire Working Men’s Club up the road in Moorthorpe they had to extend opening time to cope with the demand.

It was “Thatcher Hour” for the jubilant drinkers.

The great strike for jobs was almost three decades ago, but the bitterness remains. She has died, the anger has not.

Graham Whitehurst, 69, a former face-worker made redundant in 1994, clenched his fists in pleasure.

“The Tories always hated the working class. They hated us, and we hated her. “She should have died 30 years ago.”

He heard the news from an ex-miner who burst into the club shouting, “She’s gone!”.

Miners John Pickin, the Mirrors Paul Routledge and John Stones give their reaction to the death of Margaret Thatcher
Raise a glass: John Pickin, the Mirror’s Paul Routledge and John Stones
Ben Lack Photography Ltd

They clapped and cheered, and shouted “The Witch is dead”. There was no disguising the real sense of delight that this day had come. They even started making jokes. One texted:

“Thatcher has only been in hell for 20 minutes, and she has already shut down 20 furnaces.”

Tony Harrison, a former pit man, said: “She ruined the community. She had wanted to put down the miners ever since she came to power in 1979.

“She had never forgotten the defeat we inflicted on Edward Heath.”

Gordon Wain, 62, an ex-mining surveyor said: “She killed the union, and she killed the pit. Everybody suffered.”

John Stones, 75, former National Union of Mineworkers delegate at Frickley, was one of the few to strike a pensive note.

“I’m sorry for those who cannot be here today. Those who passed away before she died.”

John “Chick” Pickin said: “I never wanted to spoil my conversation in the club with her, but today I don’t mind her being in my conversation to enjoy it.”

Ken Carroll, 69, a former face-worker, said: “They should drop her down the shaft of the last pit that’s open, or put tonnes of coal in her coffin.”

Terry Carter, 81, the oldest member of the Empire, recalled when Thatcher repeated the words of St Francis of Assisi on the steps of Downing Street, saying: “It’s a wonder that a bolt didn’t come down and hit her.

“I knew exactly what she was going to do. She beat every single union, one by one.”

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