As my friend Ian Bone hits the Daily Mail website (again!) the outrage is pouring out as people celebrate Thatcher’s death. The party at Trafalgar Square has been planned for years and if Trafalgar Square is blocked off, it will be a fitting tribute to a woman who had nothing but contempt for the working class of this country.

How do people feel, knowing that they have lost their jobs due to the austerity cuts and recession but the treasury can comfortably afford the money for the funeral – how many nurses, teachers etc would that employ. How much is costing to  recall Parliament and the travel expenses the MP’s can claim back?

Thatcher lived by the sword and the country cannot be surprised at the reaction rippling from North to South. It would be fitting today for Milliband to announce that Clause 4 will be brought back into the Labour manifesto and give a glimmer of hope to the working class that the evil empire she built may yet be destroyed!

The term Iron Lady was a simple reference to the Wizard of Oz, the Lady had no heart.