The country is up in arms about the praise lavished on Thatcher, so much that even Ed Miliband can see it. Labour, under Blair, moved the left to become the step child of Thatcherism, and still sold the working man down the river; Ed surely must see that the country needs a party that will represent the average person in the street.

Opposing Thatcherism didn’t make Labour the party of protest, it made them right; there other factors that saw Thatcher win three terms and it was nothing to do with her policies. Thatcher new perception was everything, the Falklands made her look strong, Kinnock was made to look weak, fear of the Unions – these weren’t reason to vote for Thatcher just reason not to vote for Labour.

Blair is a right wing cunt who tried to get his name into the history books as a great leader but instead was shown to be devious and conniving – perfect for the Tories. If none of the parties begin to represent the people they claim to, then Parliament will remain the sham it has become over the decades.

However Rossi and Parfitt may have something to say – I hear they can get quite angry!