Four London Boroughs are going to be trialling the new benefit cap with the underlying Government sympathies stated by employment minister Mark Hoban:

If they want to escape the benefits cap, the best way to do it is to move into work

What fucking work, the last Govt scheme was forcing people to work for nothing! Coupled with a bedroom tax some people are really going to forced even further from the breadline.

Thatcher is even in the ground and it is clear to see that this Government is not looking at what is happening to this country. Spending is still increasing, prices are increasing but there is no help for those who really need it. Still we are classed as a civilised nation because we are in the West and still have the right to dictate to other countries how they must conduct themselves.

How is a change gonna come – fuck if I know but it ain’t never going to happen while we are governed by people who do not understand the needs of the people. If any potential encouragement of greed could be countered it would be a good start.