Today is International Workers Day, not that you would know it in this country. Whilst those who can will be marching, as I write, from Clerkenwell to Trafalgar Square not only to celebrate the freedoms workers have achieved over the years, but also the dilemmas we face in the future. My hats off to all who are there.

Someone on the radio called it International Shirkers Day, but if it wasn’t for brave people who have stood up and fought for equality, we wouldn’t even be in the position we are now. Apart from Radio 5 this morning I haven’t heard or seen anything to even acknowledge what the day is.

Google don’t have a doodle in this country but have produced one for india! ( The BBC website doesn’t even mention the march, even on local news. However you can guarantee if so much as a glass gets broken, it will suddenly become newsworthy.

Just what conclusions can you draw! Marching from A-B in an orderly fashion shows great support of spirit but does it actually achieve anything, or even enter the consciousness of those people whose views are required for change (either by agreement or by obligation)!